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Onboarding Manager


Role: Help onboard new members to the platform by following up on applications and member submissions with a PHONE CALL and FOLLOW UP EMAIL/ FB or direct MESSAGE.

  1. Check that documents have been properly submitted

  2. Approve document on the back end admin panel

  3. Confirm members once the membership has been paid.

  4. Ensure they have their unique membership referral link


Members must:

  1. Have a profile on the app

  2. Have a profile on the ridehovr website

  3. Pay monthly membership


Collect unique member referral code


Onboarding Manager Responsibilities: Expectation / Performance


Onboarding manager should be onboarding a minimum of 5 members per day with no less than 25 members per week. This ensures a minimum earning of 250.00 per week and sets up for a 1000.00 completion bonus at the end of the month.


Minimum compensation at this rate would be: 2000.00/month

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