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Toronto's Newest Ride-Share and Delivery Marketplace

TORONTO, Ontario — Ride HOVR is a ride-share and delivery marketplace, which implements an innovative membership based co-operative model that allows drivers and merchants to earn more money in a major way.


CEO & Founder, Harrison Amit, is driven to make HOVR the largest cooperative in the world — targeting 2 million members; where working Canadians can earn 100 percent of the work completed on the Hovr platform, the company slogan being; 100% fare, 100% fair. 


Ride HOVR’s grand mission is to bring a sense of connection & community back into the Canadian way of life; to start working together and taking care of one another — again. 


The vision for HOVR started in 2019, during which Harrison brainstormed various methods for drivers to earn more during their commutes while supporting the environment.


Leveraging the latest technologies, such as connected blockchains and hydrogen hybrids, HOVR provides an innovative, safe, environmentally-friendly alternative for gig economy transportation. 


During the pandemic, the team had time to strategically pivot and develop essential partnerships to piece together the perfect ride-share structure. The target was simple; support drivers earning more, while riders spend less. 


However, the vision did not stop there. 


In order to support local businesses, the team developed a same-day delivery, localized marketplace to help boost the sales, and traffic, for local businesses coming out of the pandemic. 


The structure of the co-op is easily explained; every member who signs up will receive one voting share to participate in the democratic decision-making process of the worker lead enterprise. 


We hope this development and vision interests you. 


Our contact information is above for further explanation of Ride HOVR. 


Thank you for your time.


-The Ride Hovr Team, 

Harrison, Jordan & Rohan


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