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For more information about the City Fee and Screening Criteria please click Here. 

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As a HOVR driver, you'll enjoy a range of benefits, including:

  • Competitive pay that rewards you for your hard work

  • Flexibility to choose your own hours and work when it's convenient for you

  • A supportive community of drivers who are committed to making a difference in the lives of riders

  • Access to regular training and support to help you improve your skills and provide better service to riders

  • A membership-based model that ensures you're paid fairly for your work, with 100% of the fare going to you

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Toronto Based Rideshare 

A Canadian Company


1. Sign up online

Creating a driver profile is an important step in connecting with passengers and building trust. Here's a structured way to introduce yourself and your car in the profile:

Remember, your driver profile is a chance to showcase your professionalism and the quality of the experience passengers can expect. Keep it positive, professional, and welcoming.

2. Minimum vehicle requirements

To drive with HOVR in Toronto, your vehicle needs to meet certain criteria. Here's how you can find out which services your car qualifies for:

  1. Check HOVR's Vehicle Requirements: Go to HOVR's website or contact their support to get detailed information on the vehicle requirements specific to Toronto. This information will include the type of services (like standard rides, premium rides, or delivery services) and the corresponding vehicle standards.

  2. Vehicle Age: Verify that your vehicle's model year falls within the acceptable range for HOVR. Different services may have varying model year requirements.

  3. Vehicle Condition: Ensure your car is in excellent condition, with no significant cosmetic damages. It should have 4 doors, a clean interior, and be free from commercial branding.

  4. Vehicle Inspection: HOVR might require a vehicle inspection to confirm it meets their safety and aesthetic standards. This inspection typically checks for operational safety, cleanliness, and overall condition.

  5. Insurance: Have valid car insurance that complies with Ontario's legal requirements and HOVR's policy guidelines. This insurance should adequately cover you while you're driving for HOVR.

  6. Service Categories: Depending on your vehicle's type, age, and condition, it might qualify for different categories of service within HOVR, like luxury or standard services.

To find out which services your vehicle qualifies for, input your vehicle details on the HOVR platform or app. This step will help you understand the specific opportunities available for your car, ensuring you can maximize your driving with HOVR while adhering to all necessary standards and regulations.

3. Share your documents

Please take clear pictures of the following documents and upload them to your account:

  1. Driver's License: You must be over 21 and hold a valid Ontario G Driver’s Licence or its equivalent. G1 or G2 licenses are not accepted. When taking a photo of your license, avoid using the flash to ensure the information is legible. If you're submitting an interim license, include a photo ID (like your old driver's license or passport) in the same picture for identity verification.

  2. Proof of Work Eligibility: You need to upload a photo of one of the following documents: Birth certificate, Citizenship card, Passport, Permanent Resident (PR) card, Work permit, Social Insurance Number card or letter, Study permit (only if it allows off-campus work not related to your study program), Certificate of Indian Status, Canadian Forces ID Card, or Nexus card. Photos should be of the original document; scanned copies are not accepted. Ensure the photo is clear and doesn't use flash.

    • If uploading a work permit extension letter, include both this letter and your existing work permit in one photo.

    • If you're awaiting a renewed PR card, upload a photo of both your current PR card and the extension letter.

  3. Vehicle Registration: Capture both sides (Vehicle and Plate portions) of the registration document. Your car should be in good condition, have 4 doors, no commercial branding, and not be rebuilt or salvaged. Ownership of the vehicle is not necessary. Ensure the photo is not blurry and shows all four corners.

  4. Vehicle Insurance: The insurance document must show your name. If you're not the primary driver, upload a photo of the insurance policy showing your name. Ensure the photo is clear, without using flash, and shows all document corners.

By following these instructions, you'll help ensure your documents are processed smoothly and quickly.

4. Background screening

To start driving with HOVR in Toronto, you need to clear two safety checks: a check on your driving record and a criminal background check.

After your driver's license, car inspection, and profile picture get approved, you'll get an email from CERTN, our background check partner. This email will have a link for you to do your two checks online. Make sure you have two forms of ID ready for this.

It usually takes about 3-5 business days to finish these checks, and the results will automatically show up on your profile. If there's an issue with your checks, you should email

Remember, if you use CERTN for these checks, the cost will be taken out of your future earnings. However, you can also get these checks done yourself and upload the results using the Driver App.

5. Vehicle inspection

Every year, a qualified mechanic must inspect your vehicle, and if it passes, you'll get a Safety Standards Certificate (SSC). You need to take a picture of this certificate and upload it within 36 days after the inspection is done. Make sure the picture is clear and shows all four corners of the document.

6. PTC License

To get a PTC license from Toronto, you need to finish a course from a listed training place. Check this webpage for the list. Click where it says "Driver Training" then scroll down, you will see a list under the Heading "Approved Driver Training Programs". If you don't have a PTC license, you can still drive and pick up people in many places around the GTA like Brampton and Markham, and you can drive all over the GTA, including Toronto.

If your car is newer than 7 years, we will ask Toronto for your PTC license after you finish the steps. It usually takes about 5 days to get it. With the PTC license, you can also drive and pick up people in Mississauga and Oakville.

If your car is older than 7 years, you can still drive in the GTA, but not in Toronto, Mississauga, or Oakville.

We Have You Covered

With the help of our friends at Liberty Mutual

At HOVR, we're not just committed to connecting drivers with riders; we're dedicated to ensuring each mile you drive is backed by comprehensive insurance coverage. Your safety and peace of mind are paramount to us, which is why we've designed an insurance policy that's as reliable and hardworking as you are. Here's a breakdown of the insurance benefits you'll enjoy as a valued member of the HOVR driving community.

Your Insurance Coverage Explained:

  • Before You Accept a Ride: From the moment you log into the HOVR app, you're covered with $1,000,000 in liability insurance. This protection is active even before you accept a ride, offering you peace of mind right from the start.

  • After You Accept a Ride: When you accept a ride, your coverage levels up. You're protected with $2,000,000 in liability insurance throughout the duration of the trip, from pick-up to drop-off, ensuring that you're comprehensively covered.

Vehicle Coverage Phases:

  • Phase 1 (Logged In, No Ride Accepted): During this initial phase, while physical damage to your vehicle isn't covered, you're still protected under our liability insurance.

  • Phases 2 and 3 (Ride Accepted and In-Progress): Once you accept a ride and are en route, your vehicle is covered with $1,000 in collision/comprehensive coverage, helping you manage any physical damages that might occur.

Here at HOVR, we want you to drive with confidence, knowing that you're supported at every turn. Our insurance coverage is designed to protect, support, and provide for you, allowing you to focus on delivering excellent service to your passengers. Should you have any questions about your insurance coverage or need further information, our support team is always here to help.

Drive safely, and thank you for choosing HOVR.

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