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HOVR was founded in 2019,  founder Harrison Amit, was brainstorming ways for drivers to earn more while driving; From radio advertisements and air time - To screens in the vehicles - To a more equitable Business model. 


The team came up with a plan of action and prepared to launch in March of 2020. 


 As the world shut down, it became a struggle to keep the team and new company alive as potential investors pulled the funding proposal and the team was left in debt and struggling. In a position to start over again the remaining team moved forward with  developing value partnerships and work together to piece together the current Win-Win-Win community structure. 


The target was to help drivers to earn more, while lowering the cost of the service riders. CHECK


 Next was to support local businesses.

The team developed a same-day delivery Localized Marketplace to help boost sales and traffic for local businesses. 


HOVR was built to bring back the sense of community to cities around the world.


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 The Road Map 

  At Hovr, we connect gig-economy workers to people and local business owners to offer on demand rides and same-day delivery.  HOVR’s mission — has been to provide a platform of opportunity for those seeking a more equitable option for rides and delivery and a space where you can tap into a more flexible work life balance as a gig worker. We believe in getting paid for what you do and more importantly, listening to the people who do the work. We aim to offer a space where members of each type feel supported and comfortable knowing that HOVR has their back. This is for the Drivers, the Merchants and the Consumers. When times get tough, HOVR is here to Help, that's what we are all about. 


Phase 1

Build the community, Promote our membership model that effectively increases the pay for drivers and  lowers the cost of service for users. Offer On demand Rides and Delivery through the HOVR app. Make sure our drivers are busy, our riders are happy and our merchants are supported. 

Phase 2

Revolutionize the in ride experience with a hospitality approach


Launch the Vehicle Efficiency Program for committed drivers.


Support a buyers group for the merchants to access low cost eco packaging and products.  


Phase 3

Add other types of services to the platform. 

Phase 4

Add new technologies to our platform. 

Meet The Team

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Our Partners

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